Get a free one year subscription at Pickit!

15-01-2016 | Rabatter, Rabatter (Deals), THS Nyheter






Spotify eradicated music piracy.  Now Pickit are eradicating photo piracy.

Many people don’t realise that using Google Images to take photographs that they don’t have the rights to use, is piracy.  However, Pickit is making it possible for photo users to download high resolution images that can be used in any way.

As a special offer to the students of Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår, Pickit are giving us all the chance to sign up for a one year premium subscription for free, saving us $109.

To avail of this offer, please follow these two steps:

1 sign up at:

2 send an email with the word ‘STUDENT’ to:

… and one more thing: don’t forget to have fun.


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