Student Union Council

Union Council (KF) is the highest decision-making body of THS.

The Student Union Council shall make decisions regarding the organisation of THS and determine comprehensive guidelines and the financial framework of the activities of THS. The Student Union Council shall also monitor the activities of the Student Union Board and consider granting discharge of liability for the board. The Speaker’s Presidium shall preside over the work of the Student Union Council.

Union Council is a central contact point between chapters and central. You can describe THS as a network of chapters, which through a common forum (Union Council) determines how the future of THS should look like. Each chapter have representatives who are responsible for the strategic and practical activities at THS, as well as coordinating the activities and communication between the chapters and between THS and KTH.

During the Operational year 2023-2024 the Student Union Council will be:

  • 2324-KF-01 – September 26 from 18.00 in Nya Matsalen, Nymble
  • 2324-KF-02 – November 13 from 18.00 in Nya Matsalen, Nymble
  • 2324-KF-81 (extra meeting) – December 14 from 18.00 in Nya Matsalen, Nymble
  • 2324-KF-03 – February 20 from 18.00 in Nya Matsalen, Nymble
  • 2324-KF-04 – The weekend April 19-21 by Osqvik. Sign up here
  • 2324-KF-82 (extra meeting) – May 20 from 18.00 in Nya Matsalen, Nymble

All members have the right to attend, read more about rights and the Union Council in the THS Statutes §2. For meetings in Nymble, food will be served from 17.15. If you want to join, and are not part of KF or directly elected by KF but still wants food, please sign up on this food sign up form.

Find meeting minutes and a list of members here. Motions should be sent in to no later than 3 weeks before each meeting to be part of the agenda.

Teo Elmfeldt, Hanna Bjarre, Maja Rosén

THS Speakers’ Presidium
Teo Elmfeldt

Teo Elmfeldt